Over the past few months, our habits, our points of reference have been turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic, reminding us all just how much our health is the priority of all priorities, at the very heart of our personal and professional lives. A look back at the first actions that Samsic has carried out in this unprecedented context, giving top priority to preserving the health of every single one of us.

Question to Jean-Rieul Kipfer, Samsic Facility Prevention & Security Director:

How does one grasp overnight all the key management points required to handle such a health crisis?

A cross-disciplinary Crisis Committee including Operational Managers, Experts in Occupational Health and Safety, in Human Resources, in Law and Communication was immediately called into action by the Samsic Group's Executive Management.


The objectives were very clear for everybody: to protect our collaborators, to support our operational teams and our clients in the fight against the spread of the virus on-site and finally to preserve business continuity across all territories.

The Operational Committee coordinated all major operational adjustments alongside our on-site teams and our clients, with a comprehensive and systematic assessment of sanitary and operational risks.

Needless to say that good communication is essential to pass on ad-hoc preventive measures, to continue to instill a positive spirit and to keep in contact with all of our collaborators and clients. To give you some examples, we have issued a health guide, reviewed the business continuity plan, updated the prevention plans, designed posters, and significantly boosted internal communication within the teams to prevent any potential risks and adopt the right gestures. 

Risk control must be constant and in everyone's mind!


Question to Aurélie Quellery, Pacôme Dasse and Emmanuelle Grangeré, Regional HSE Managers at Samsic Facility France :

More than ever before, the concept of economic performance has been closely tied up with the preservation of health and safety. In your responsibility as Regional HSE Manager, how do you support and advise operational teams in the continuity or recovery of activities and in a greater focus on Occupational Health and Safety at the very core of our management?


The business continuity imperative in critical sectors has led us to rethink and define activities and processes to ensure ongoing delivery of services, while protecting our collaborators and clients.

Obviously, risk assessment and the definition of protective measures, in particular by means of prevention plans, is absolutely essential.

But our responsibility as HSE Manager also consists in "managing logistics" by assisting operational staff in advising and responding to our clients' requirements or issues, helping choosing PPE and updating protocols according to the latest developments of the pandemic.

Our job is to take into account all of the risks inherent in the working environment of our collaborators and to work towards mastering such risks. This Covid-19 virus is actually one more risk we have to take into account in our analysis.