Samsic RH announces the merging of its 4 training centres under a single structure: ABSKILL. This will position the ABSKILL group as one of the leaders in vocational and professional training in France. On Thursday 7 January at 10:00 a.m., a live television show broadcast on the Internet will mark the official launch of this new brand.

ABSKILL was created to strengthen Samsic HR's expertise in the field of vocational training by merging its 4 training centres under a single banner. The aim is to offer clients cross-disciplinary solutions, particularly in the areas of business services training, regulatory training and behavioural skills development training.

By bringing together Forget Formation, Innov'Formation, Ceforas Formation and Fauvel Formation, the ABSKILL group is now among the French leaders in vocational training.

ABSKILL, stands for Active Brain Skill and its main ambition is to bring out individual and collective talents through training, by offering two major strategic development approaches: e-learning, with innovative distance learning courses, and in-situ apprenticeship in CFAs (Apprentice Training Centres).

ABSKILL offers training in the fields of transport, handling, logistics, building, public works, safety, nuclear, management and soft skills.


The ABSKILL Group is chaired by Sébastien Loury. It operates 39 training centres across France and employs 400 people, including 280 trainers.

ABSKILL key figures:

• 90,000 people trained each year
• 6000 clients
• more than 700,000 hours of training a year
• 90% success rate (tests/assessments)
• 11% growth in the 2nd half of 2020 vs. 2nd half of 2019
• 630% increase in the number of users of its online course platform since March 2020.