Christian Roulleau, Founder of the Samsic Group, signs the first episode of a series of 10 podcasts, presented by West Web Valley a French start-ups accelerator company and Epopée a French investment firm. These podcasts aim to go and meet some of the top managers from Western France and learn about their entrepreneurial journey.

When Samsic was founded back in 1986, they were only two people working in this brand new company. In 2020, 34 years later, more than 90,000 people work there and are the pride of the group. From a small local cleaning company, Samsic has grown over the years into a leading international multi-service company.

Christian Roulleau has been the driving force behind this entrepreneurial dynamic and has managed to constantly develop the group's activities, setting it apart from the rest of the market. Even back then, he was already standing out from the competition by promoting and enhancing the training of all his employees.

Today, he invests in innovation, digital technology and artificial intelligence to provide the best possible response to clients' needs and issues and to offer specialised services with high added value.

When you undertake projects, you automatically involve men and women, and therefore you must do everything you can to never disappoint them.

Since the very creation of the group, Christian Roulleau has always been passionate about developing new projects:

"What interests me most is to leave a footprint in time, and expand my activities. I've always had a thirst for work, a thirst for action."

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that he encourages the new generations to venture into entrepreneurship, to open up to the world, to exchange and learn from one another.

For even if the entrepreneurial world might sometimes raise fears and anxiety, Christian Roulleau will always reply with great confidence that "there are always new things to create and invent, just go for it! ".

Listen to this fascinating podcast where you will find out how Christian Roulleau, with great determination and passion, has built the Samsic Group. Click here for the podcast.