The post-COVID period has required a change in the way cleaning is carried out. It has therefore been important to define and shape a "new norm" and to promote sophisticated cleaning programmes that are visible to all, yet still discreet.

Following our recommendations, the majority of our Key Account clients have favoured the implementation of daytime work, which is the flagship of the "visible cleaning" approach.

Reorganisation of working hours, easily identifiable cleaning services, company-branded workwear, training of our collaborators on customer service attitudes: daytime work is our commitment to promoting the quality of working life for our clients, their employees, visitors and our teams.

Day work improves the quality of the service and enables us to respond to the needs of our clients with increased reactivity. The Cleaning Agents, now operating during the day, step out of the shadows and feel valued for their work. As for occupants and visitors, they feel reassured to see that these professionals are looking after their well-being and health.

The driving force of Samsic Group has always been the commitment and strength of its collaborators, these men and women who, day after day, contribute to the collective success. The current health crisis has proven how valuable and important our teams are: they are essential.